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Approach to Therapy
As a marriage and family therapist, I enjoy working with the Satir Model (Satir, 1983; 1988; 1991), which is an experiential systems approach that suggests quality relationships are more likely when we effectively communicate from the Self. To do this, we must know the self, take personal responsibility for the self, and be willing to share the self with others. Good communication skills are also needed. When these qualities are present, there is an overall sense of well being that allows for creative and flexible problem solving. When absent or diminshed, things get stuck. If you feel stuck and want to get moving again, call me.

What is therapy like?

In our first session, we will do a brief assessment of the issues, set some joint goals, and make a plan that will identify where we want to go and how we might get there. In subsequent sessions, we will work towards your goals by examining the issues from different perspectives, identify conflict and  communication patterns, and seek for a “transformative idea” in your own experiences–The Key–that will continue to promote growth in the system long after our journey together ends. While each journey is unique and the length of therapy depends on client need, we are sure to know when you have arrived at the destination.

But does it work? 

The Satir Model has been applied successfully to children (Haber, 2011; Smith, 2010), individuals (Morrison & Ferris, 2002; Yang Li & Vivian, 2010), couples (Lee, 2009; Morrison & Ferris, 2002), families (Haber, 2011; Seligman, 1981), and groups (Root, 1989) to address a variety of concerns, such as depression (Caston, 2009; Srikosai, 2008), pathological gambling (Lee, 2009), suicidality (Smith, 2010), and alcohol dependence (Srikosai, 2008). The Satir Model integrates well with Emotion Focused Therapy (Brubacher, 2006), Social Construction Theory (Cheung, 1997), and cognitive-behavioral/mindfulness therapies (Claessens, 2009). The wide applicability and flexible nature of the model makes it a good fit for most cultures, including collectivist cultures (Yang, 2012; Bermudez, 2007; Cheung & Chan, 2002) and GLTB community (Carlock, 2008).

Evaluating Treatment Results

In my own practice I have found clients to become quickly engaged and to be willing to stay the course to get the desired results a majority of the time. To evaluate progress I run a brief spot check Session Rating Scale) over the course of treatment that assesses four domains of client-therapist-treatment interaction. Occasionally, we will evaluate outcomes using the ORS (Outcome Rating Scale) that briefly assesses four domains of functioning. These results are used to refine the process and enhance the journey. In addition, I use the treatment plan to help track positive and negative change as related to goals. Markers for termination are 1) client has reached all or some of the identified goals, 2) client/therapist feels the client is ready to take over, 3) there is no progress in treatment (referrals are discussed), and/or 4) other unique indicators are processed as keys for termination.

It is my goal that you get more of the life you want and my mission is to empower you to do just that!


    Resources for PTSD in San Antonio:

    Support group information: ____Tim Collingham 210-834-5517_______

    Veterans Hotline: ____________ 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1_____________


    Yahoo Groups:

    Family Life Center: sliding scale Neurofeedback treatment 210-438-6411

    Homeless Veteran‘s Reintegration Program
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    San Antonio, Tx 78221
    off: (210) 922-1700
    fax: (210) 922-2481


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Here is an alternative to a safety plan I designed for my clients who are struggling with depression and anxiety. I have found the visual aspect of this form to be appealing to clients and capable of addressing a wide variety of safety needs. Please feel free to download and use with your clients. Best wishes.

My Life Tree

For Therapy Services: The Key Counseling of SA

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