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The Key Counseling Services of SA (San Antonio, Texas)

About My Work

The first thing you need to know about me is that I love my job! That means your questions, concerns, and needs are important to me. I want you to be satisfied as a customer. Thus, if there is something you would like to know, or that you want me to know, I am open to the conversation–please tell me. Part of the healing process includes feeling satisfied with the help you’re getting!

While I do keep a social media presence to promote my business and talk about mental health interests, I am careful to follow good confidentiality habits as a mental health worker. This means that I have strict interaction policies on these platforms.To read the rules of engagement, click here. By engaging across these public forums, I see us agreeing to make allowances for the weaknesses and strengths they offer and respect each other’s privacy. Any issues can be discussed in person.

I believe everyone’s path to healing is different, and I appreciate that aspect of individuality. Thus, I am open to seeing you once or twice a week, in the evening or mornings, and even on weekends.  That way you get the time you need at the times I’m available to be with you. In addition, I offer phone and video conferencing sessions. I also may use novel techniques that will enhance your mental health outcomes so long as they fall within my area of expertise. This is your therapy, so we must tailor the experience to fit your life!

 Like you, I have many roles in life; not only am I a therapist, I am also a daughter, a sister, a mother, a spouse, a friend, a teacher, a student, and an artist. This means that there are many demands on my time. Thus, I have a strict no show policy; I charge $25.00 for no call/no shows, including being more than 15 minutes late to an appointment. But know this, I will treat you fairly as a client.  Sometimes I may have to cancel our appointment without much advance warning when emergenices rise; however, I will offer you a $ 25.00 credit towards your next appointment if I ever have to no call/no show you. I repect that your time is also valuable!
Finally, I want you to know the I believe in personal responsibility. This means that while I am responsible for being a competent therapist, you are responsible for  working toward change and achieving your goals.  Thus, I pledge to empower you in treatment by not making decisions for you, offering advice, or judging you. Instead, let’s focus on who you are, your needs, what you wish for, and explore the options together.


Treatment Approach

I take an integrative approach to treatement, which is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Thus, we may use cognitive, existential, and/or behavioral techniques to help achieve your goals.  This is not eclecticism; it is treating issues in a stepwise fashion using interventions from different perspectives with overlapping theoretical underpinnings. The overlap we anchor ourselves in at The Key is humanism, which emphasize the value and agency of human beings both individually and collectively. We want to aid and empower you!

Being integrative allows us to better account for each client’s way of being in the world. When working with couples and families, we will strive to empower all those who participate in treatment. Relationship dynamics, such as power, safety, trust, etc., are often approached using the Satir Model . This model suggests that when safety to be authentic is absent in a family system or couple, there is often a sense of being trapped or stuck that can increase conflict, encourage poor choice selection, decrease self esteem, and increase negative thinking. When safety to be authentic is present, there is an overall sense of well being that allows for better conflict management, positive meaning making, good self esteem, and more fulfilling choice selection. Goals of the model are to increase awareness, acceptance, responsibility, and positive communication skills so meaning can be made and problems can be solved together.

Starting Treatment

Regardless of service type, in our first session we will do a brief assessment of the issues and make a tentative plan that will identify where we want to go and how we might get there, addressing the most urgent needs first. We will also establish a therapeutic relationship that charaterizes how we work together. Generally speaking, when a good client-therapist relationship can be established, the majority of clients become quickly engaged in the process and make progress towards their goals. Thus, you can expect an emphasis to be placed on establishing a connection. It is our hope that sessions will not feel like a trip to a doctor, or a trip to visit a friend, but somewhere in between where there is a feeling of comfort and acceptance, but also room for confrontation and growth. We want you to feel safe!

Evaluating Progress

As we work towards the goals we have set, we hope to move through the prioritized needs, examine the issues from different aspects, identify patterns that impact the issues, and seek a transformative idea -The Key- that will unlock your life. Some progress is self-evident but other progress is less salient. Thus, we may conduct progress spot checks using the SRS,  which evaluates the client-therapist relationship and/or the ORS, which assesses client functioning. Results are used to refine the plan, integrate needed interventions, enhance the client-therapist relationship, and help us get the results you seek.

Ending Treatment

While each journey is unique and the length of therapy depends on client need, we are sure to know when you have arrived at the desired destination. Some common markers that treatment is reaching an end and it is time to say goodbye are:

  1. All or some of the goals are reached
  2. The client is ready to take over
  3. Optimal functioning has been achieved
  4. Symptoms are more managable
  5. The issues are no longer relevant
  6. Communication has improved
  7. Conflict has de-escalated
  8. If there is no progress in treatment, options/referrals are discussed.
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