Keys to Effective Self Care


This is my version of The Self Mandala (Satir). I have taken her eight different universal human resources related to being in the world and made a more modern interpretation. These are the self care keys:  rank in order from most (8) to least importance (1) to you by putting a number above each key word. Then unlock your potential for a more fulfilling existence by focusing on those that may important to you but not getting enough attention in your daily life.

self care keys

The Self Mandala is Satir tool that describes eight different universal human resources related to being in the world that can be ranked in order from most to least importance. The resources are Intellectual Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Sensual, Contextual, Interactional, and Nutritional. Each part is of equal value, connected and interdependent, the focus of the exercise is on balancing across resources. This tool has been used to understand and help mange the impact of caregiver stress (Caston, 2009). I have found this tool particularly useful to understand which aspects of the self need attention in treatment and which do not. I developed a Self Care Rating Scale based on this exercise. On the scale are sample exercises that might enhance the domain that needs attention.

For Therapy Services: The Key Counseling of SA

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  1. Not only is it a great tool – it is very pretty to look at! Well done L!

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