Existential Therapy


Here are some basic demands of existential therapy:

1. Increase self awareness — discover your unique being-in-the-world and raise personal consciousness that allows for new possibilities

2. Increase personal responsibility– this means engaging with and from the self authentically. Through responsibility for the self, we can make meaning of what occurs in and around us.

3. Acknowledge anxiety— anxiety is unavoidable, especially when pursuing new opportunities. Denying anxiety only limits potential and leads to paralysis. Acknowledging anxiety recognizes that life is ever changing and will one day end.

4. Search for meaning– persons are in charge of making meaning out of life (beingness). Not making meaning leads to nonbeing (death, figuratively). Nonbeing can be felt in boredom, illness, isolation, failure, etc. Making meaning recognizes the potential for change left in life and a return to being.


For Therapy Services: The Key Counseling of SA


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