Offering Choices to your Children

This is such a great way to build a lasting relationship of influence with your children that will keep them coming to you when they are getting most of their choices delivered by the world at large.

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To empower children and help them become independent, capable and caring adults it is necessary to allow them to make age-appropriate choices. Decision-making is a skill that must be developed. Children need to learn to make confident choices in their lives. They cannot learn to make choices if there is no opportunity to pratice.

Offered by The Middle Way Parent Program, here are ways to increase the effectiveness of choices:

1. Create a relationship with your children that is based upon love and respect. Listen so your child may speak honestly to you and speak as you8 would choose to be spoken to. Acknowledge the child’s perspective or feelings whenever possible. Children need to know that you are not the enemy looking for every opportunity to punish and make life difficult, but an ally helping them find their way in the world.

This is what it looks like:


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