Back To School… and Bullies! Tips for kids and parents

Anti-bullying Tips AntiBullyHANDOUT

Have some strategies ready to help manage a bully situation.

What to do if your friend or classmate is a bully: (HAHASO) Make a paper bracelet that says HAHASO so you can wear it to school and remind yourself what to do once you have learned the strategies below.


  • Who can Help?  –  teacher, nurse, counselor, principal, coaches (adults)
  • How can you get Help? –go by yourself, with a group of friends, or write a note to an adult at your school.


  • Use this if you are alone
  • Look the bully in the eye
  • Use “I” statement   ex. “I don’t like it when you pull on my backpack!”
  • Make your statement and walk away


  • Use humor in a positive way – no mean jokes.
  • Make a joke about what the bully, NOT the bully.
  • If they make fun of your hair you can say “ Wow, I didn’t know you cared that much about my hair!”


  • Avoid places where the bully hangs out
  • Join a group of other kids rather than playing by yourself


  • This can help you feel better about yourself
  • Ex.  “This is his problem”     “That is not true!”       “I know I’m smart”


  • Agree with the bully and then walk away
  • You can own it and use humor too…. “Yep, this is a bad haircut, I was out of control with the scissors!”
  • You can own it and be assertive too…. “Yep, I did fail the test and I don’t appreciate you looking at my paper!”

*IMPORTANT REMINDER:   If the strategies aren’t working… leave the situation!

How do I handle name-calling?

  • Ignore it: pretend like the person doesn’t exist so you can’t hear anything they are saying
  • Have good comebacks ready: Use a classic or new comeback to protect against name calling, like “I know you are, but what am I?”
  • Practice with a friend: Have a friend be a bully and practice your comebacks on them, then switch.

For Therapy Services: The Key Counseling of SA

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