Anxiety Management Tools

I designed this Toolbox to print and give clients struggling with anxious or depressed thought patterns that limit the way they experience the world. While historically I have given these tools out one at a time across many sessions, I thought it might be useful to have a handout to refer to in some cases. Several of these tools have sources, I will update this post with a source list in the near future. Click on the following t for a PDF.
A plus thought tools

For Therapy Services: The Key Counseling Services of SA

  1. Lavelda Naylor said:

    Thanks for visiting. I try to make the site client friendly so feel free to refer for handouts. And thanks for the good wishes…I send positive thoughts your way as well.

  2. tamaragsuttle said:

    Hi, Lavelda! Desi sent me to your blog. so glad to find you! I love the idea of creating “toolboxes” for clients! Thank you for sharing this. I’ll be back to visit again!

    Best wishes as you grow your practice!

  3. Lavelda Naylor said:

    Yay! I am glad you find it useful. Thanks Desi. Oh I did some home refurbs this weekend –I will submit some ideas to your blog if you post a link in reply 🙂

  4. Desi said:

    I love this worksheet Lavelda. Great job! I’m going to use it with one of my clients this week…

  5. Lavelda Naylor said:

    Click on the blue text that says “a plus thought tools.” That is a PDF.

  6. I am trying to print this as a picture. Do you have a pdf of it? Great tools!

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