Anxiety, Hormones, and the Ovarian Cycle

There is a growing body of research that shows a relationship between hormone surges/decreases that occur across the ovarian cycle and anxiety/mood disorders in females (Perna, Brambilla, Aranio, & Bellodi, 1995; Wang, Seippel, Purdy, & Backstrom, 1996; Sigmon, Fink, Rohan, and Hotovy, 1996; Brambilla et al., 2003; Peer, Soares, & Steiner, 2008). I developed this chart to help track daily generalized anxiety across the ovarian cycle for female clients presenting with an anxiety disorder. While therapists and counselors do not advise on general health related concerns or prescribe medication routines, the chart may be informative to the client and may help her medical doctor or psychiatrist develop further insights. Anxiety and Menses Chart

For Therapy Services: The Key Counseling of SA


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