Blended Families

With the rate of divorce at about 50 percent, remarriage is more common than ever. When kids are involved, this can be a complex scenario. Blending families can result in issues that are particular to this type of structure, such as is when one partner has never been a parent before but the birth parent has. In this case, he or she must jump into a ready-made family with little to no training or traction with the kid(s). Sometimes this entry is bumpy and results in relationship triangles in which the established child/parent relationship tries to control how the third party interacts with them. This can escalate conflict or cause problems. Of course there are many other sources of tension in a blended family. To better serve the interests of blended families in the San Antonio area, I have developed the attached survey. All responses are anonymous and the survey takes only a minute or two. If you are interested in participating, follow this link:

Blended Families Survey

Responses will be collected and analyzed periodically to inform a Blended Families workshop that is currently in preparation under the auspices of Together Texas and Great Start.

Some resources for families currently in blend are listed below:

1. Therapist locator
2. Blended Families
3. FLC Family Life Center: offers sliding scale family therapy in the San Antonio Area 210-438-6111
4. Family Service Association: offers a variety of assistance to families including therapy and classes.


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